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We are now offering the following wholesale opportunities:

Stores - Purchase a minimum of 12 copies at a discount to resell in your retail store. Unsold copies can be returned for a credit toward future orders!

Puppy Packs for Breeders - Breeders can pre-purchase subscriptions at a discount to offer as part of a puppy pack with their puppies. Certificates will be mailed to hand out to the new puppy owners to fill out and return with their information to start getting the magazine.

FREE Samples for Puppy Packs for Breeders - Breeders can be mailed MINI issues of Chihuahua Connection to hand out with their puppies.

FREE Subscriptions for new Chihuahua rescue owners - Proof of rescue documentation is required. Certificates are available to rescue organizations to hand out. Limit: one per household.

For more information on any of the opportunities please contact us: